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Vegetarian Diet Plan for Muscle Building

Jul 13, 2018

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People who eat only vegetarian food can follow the below steps to build their muscles.

1. Get Enough Calories

One of the most important things to keep in mind while on muscle building diet plan is to get enough calories. If you don’t consume enough calories your body will use the incoming protein for fuel which would, in turn, lead to a protein deficiency.
2. Replace Rice with Quinoa

If you are an individual who cannot skip eating rice even on a diet plan, then you can replace rice with quinoa. It tastes very much like brown rice but has much higher protein content than brown rice. In fact, quinoa is a very good source of protein, while brown rice is not.

3. Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Make sure that you include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet which will ensure that you get all the essential nutrients. In addition, they will also provide the required antioxidants to keep your immune system healthy and strong.

4. Keep Workouts Short but Intense

Experts are of the opinion that vegetarians aiming for bodybuilding should keep their workouts short but intense. This will help prevent muscle loss. If you get involved in strenuous long workouts, your protein requirements will be raised, which can be a bit difficult on a vegetarian diet.

5. Include Nuts in Your Diet

Nuts are a healthy source of fat and provide energy for extended period of time. Daily intake of a handful of nuts every day is good for your health. It considerably increase  your calorie intake and will make muscle buiding easier. Flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, and walnuts are some best options.

6. Say Yes to Peanut Butter

Consuming peanut butter is a good way to increase your fat content. It will also help you improve your total calorie intake. You can have peanut butter with a whole grain toast or have it with fruits like banana or apples or add it to smoothies.

7. Add Broccoli and Spinach to Your Diet

The two vegetables that you should definitely include in your diet are broccoli and spinach. Both of these are a rich source of calcium, which is one of the nutrient that a vegetarian diet may lack.

8. Consider Taking Iron Supplements

In a vegetarian diet, there is no consumption of red meat, there is a possibility of falling short of iron. Iron is necessary for the development of red blood cells if the red blood cell count is low, you’ll find yourself getting tired very soon while doing any physical activity. So take iron supplements.

9. Eat Frequent Meals

By eating frequent meals you’ll have a steady flow of amino acids in your body, which will be greatly helpful.  

10. Monitor Body Fat Level

It is essential to monitor your body fat levels. This will help you give a clear idea that whether you are losing muscle mass or not.

Bodybuilding is a lengthy process; don’t let negativity become an obstacle in your path.