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Los Angeles, 18:57 PST

Mar 31, 2008

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I am sitting in the LAX airport lounge, waiting for Lufthansa flight to Munich to board. Today was an awesome day. I woke up in the beautiful Santa Monica sun, overlooking the Pacific ocean. After doing some administrative "homework" on my computer in the sun, the rest of the day was filled with two great appointments, before I had to head to the airport: COOKEPICTURES and the LA Dream Center. Wonderful people. I had the privilege to spend a few minutes with the legendary Phil Cooke and his executive staff and of course COOKEPICTURES COO Matthew Phillips, whom I met at Community Next. Their facilities are as creative as their work and if you need consulting as a ministry in the US - go there. That's the company that will take you into the future.

Next I headed to the Dream Center via I-10, I-110 and I-101, going through downtown LA and skyline. It reminded me of the parable that the taller the building the stronger it's foundation needs to be and the longer it takes to build it! If you want your building to rise high, like a city on a hill - to be seen by everyone - don't be surprised if it takes a long time until anyone will see anything, including yourself. Don't weary - your foundation is being built!

Alright: at Dream Center I met with Jeff and Jeff (little Jeff and big Jeff). Both are big spiritually and LA DC has a great media ministry. (I love the green color! ;-) Jeff (you will find him here on Jeffrey Tinnean) showed me around on the campus and I must say I am impressed with the love for the hurting, the compassion for the less advantaged. We quickly ran over to the Angelus Temple, built by the influential Aimee Smple McPherson somewhere in the 50s or 60s. (DC folks correct me if I'm wrong...). I am very thankful for ministries like this. Many of us in ministry want to gain influence, through influencing the influential. But: "whatever we do for the least of these... we do unto HIM!" Unto HIM! Himself!

On the way to the airport a Kirk Franklin tune was on my mind and on my lips: "It coulda been me" (from his album "Hero")

Thanks for reading this by the way! I don't take it for granted! We truly appreciate every one of your supportive interests in Help us spread the word! Invite your friends, register your family and your church and let's take advantage of the possibilities given to us through today's technology. As much as we might hate it at times - it truly is a big blessing for our times and I believe media technology is God-given. Let's not leave it to the devil. Let's use it for the good. Thanks for being a part!!!

Andreas, Stefan & the Team