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Marlene Klausner|Austria

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Media Competence Seminar

Apr 02, 2008

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Divine Connections at the Media Competence Seminar!

I see God's hand performing something great in using little things, putting them together at the right time on the right place for the glory of HIS kingdom! Today showed me not to despise those little sometimes unimpressive things cause I never know what it can become when God moves his hand.
Why I'm writing this? I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to a real professional guy from our public television station "ORF". He works for the religion-department and showed great interest in the work of CMP, and my church. I know him from former video courses 3 years ago but never had the chance to talk to him personally. How much more amazing it was to meet him at one of my media seminars at the "Academy of Evangelisation". He has given us a short view of IPTV - Internet Protocol Television - and how the media landscape has changed the last 10-15 years into a more and more virtual information center - the World Wide Web and how great potentials it releases.
He is such an amazing person in using all of his strength to put the right energies together to achieve greater effects. This is called synergy!
I'm excited to see how God will let us work together in the future! All the Glory belongs to HIM, my wonderful father in heaven.