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Taking Hollywood "for Jesus"

Apr 16, 2008

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On Friday & Saturday April 11-12, hundreds of spectators bought tickets to participate in the 168 hour film festival in Glendale, CA. All day and evening long, the short films were showing on movie screens for both production teams, friends and public at two locations: United Community Church and the historic Alex Theatre.

The nature of this speed film making contest is to have one week of script writing and location scouting and one week to shoot and edit a short film, based on a bible scripture. This will sound impossible to everyone who knows about TV- or film production, but the stunning fact is: it is and the quality of the produced short films is outright unbelievable!

Back at the Festival Location: awards were handed out, interviews conducted by camera teams of both local and international TV-networks and the air was filled with excitement. For me personally it was amazing to see how many awesome, spirit led believers are present in Hollywood at this moment, working hard to bring a positive change. Let me tell you: there is an army of actors, talents and production professionals out there, gaining influence and ready to "take over".

Let's take the 168 project short film sponsored and participated in as an example: "Eva's Desert", written and produced by Lisa Miosi, starring Lindsay MacFarland, Zachary Kintner and Joni Bovill. Both crew and cast on "our team" are among the most talented I have ever seen and every single one of them will go far in their arena. It takes a lot to commit and stick to a volunteer project of this size.

For the producer it means many weeks of preparation, finding a volunteering crew and cast and then two weeks of no sleep and 24/7 work in order to deliver on time and to invest his own money and raise the rest of the budget from investors. For crew and cast it means an enormous volunteering investment of their time and talents.

I can tell you one thing I found out in the process: none of us would have done it without a vision, without the awareness and passion for a higher cause, beyond the movie itself. It is more than a "stepping stone", a "opportunity for exposure" and surely nobody would do it just for the fun experience!

We would not have invested into it without believing that every single attempt to be "salt and light" in the Hollywood arena counts. Lisa Miosi would not have even started considering this crazy idea, without a divine calling and none of the actors or crew would have volunteered without believing in the cause.

And at the end of the day: another influential faith based film festival has made a public statement - that movies can have a meaning and that the Bible is still relevant today and that up and coming Christian film makers are ready "win some land"! For me personally it was an honor to participate and is determined to support the endeavors of the 168 project and Christian film makers in general with everything we can!

If you have ever hoped for a change in Hollywood or prayed for God's spirit to move in the film and entertainment industry - well, let me tell you - it has begun!

Andreas & the team