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GMA Music Week

Apr 24, 2008

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Nashville, April 21-23

Here's the Founders Blog article on the GMA music week 2008 in Nashville, TN.

Actually GMA week was not unusual this year, but a few highlights need to be pointed out. First of all I got to meet a good old friend of mine: Edward John. Wednesday afternoon, as most exhibit booths were torn down, camera crews packed up and artists checked out of the Renaissance, downtown Nashville, we had a fun little international, European gathering at the brand new Starbucks in the Renaissance Lobby (good job Renaissance - the new lobby updates look great!). Edward (GOD Channel, TV-Host & Artist), Deborah (German Artist), Markus (Gerth Medien), Jörg (Gerth Medien) and Vladimir (Swiss Artist) and myself had a fun time, connecting our grooves for the benefit of letting the light radiate over Europe and beyond through music and media and the various combinations thereof.

Of course it was also fun to meet some old and make some new friends in the artist community and to hang out with my One Cubed colluege Freddie Colloca, spanish host and Latin Popstar himself.
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