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You ever feel invisible? Even in a crowd? The Lord God says: I See You... in all your various circumstances.

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WestBow Press Editorial Review of King Ahasuerus, by Susan Steele

Dec 18, 2013

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This manuscript is a compelling look into the true nature of King Ahasuerus from the book of Esther, who the author explains in the preface, is often portrayed as “a weak, drunk, vacillating man who is ruled by women.”  Led by the Holy Spirit, the author shares with readers what has been revealed to her about this man, along with Queen Vashti, who the author says has also been misrepresented.  Such an intriguing topic and perspective!

Overall, this manuscript is very well organized with the text flowing logically and coherently, and is well written in down-to-earth language.  The author’s premise could easily get lost in the historical data that is necessary to understand the culture at the time in the book of Esther, but the author does a remarkable job in explaining and describing with clarity, all the while maintaining the reader’s interest.  Very well done!

This book will captivate readers while providing them with in-depth information about the culture in the time of the book of Esther along with a new perspective on one of the most fascinating stories in the Bible.