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You ever feel invisible? Even in a crowd? The Lord God says: I See You... in all your various circumstances.

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Dear Father God, I lift up the missionaries located around the world, to You, Father. I pray that You would surround them with favor as with a shield so that they will have favor with |Plus

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King Ahasuerus: A Shadow or Type of the Lord Jesus Christ

Mar 28, 2014

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I was very blessed as I read your book. I was very 'impressed' by your writing!! You were clear in thought and I loved how you used Eccl. 3 for the basis of the 'argument'. I see the foreshadowing or possible parallel as you described between Jesus and Ahasuerus. I also see that it's crazy to think that God would have written a book for us in the Bible that doesn't show us something about Himself/Jesus. There is a lot of food for thought and I want to read Esther again with your insight in mind. I appreciated your defense of Ahasuerus as a thoughtful king and not a crazy impulsive man. I know there are some historical facts against him, but from what God chose to write about him I beg to differ. I have given one book to a leader at my church who is leading a study on Esther this semester. I am also giving it to another friend of mine to read since we just did a study of Esther to see what she thinks. Thanks for being obedient in writing this book. I believe God gave you insight and it has caused me to think about the Bible in a whole different light as to looking for Jesus in everything. He has a broader picture than what my finite brain can comprehend!!