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Healing to the Nations - pbm|United Kingdom

Moving forward looking for opportunities to grow the Kingdom through faith - total well-being for mankind one step at a time

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Lord we pray for your wisdom for the future, how we plan think and act, as we proceed we look to You for guidance and wisdom. We pray and ask those who read this to pray for the work that |Plus

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The rambling thoughts of a prophetic spirit

Jul 29, 2016

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As we move along in 2016 with more and more disturbing news now is the time to take stock of your faith - now more than ever the big question sits in front of every person I know lots of people who are worried fearful and disturbed by what is happening around the world and now in their own back gardens who refuse to see the scriptural significance in what is happening

Do not be decieved evil abounds on every corner but be of good cheer Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law you will have troubles in this world but we overcome if we do not fall

Stay tuned for insights to faith over the coming weeks