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Paulo Gustavo 31 continue with my mother series

Sep 14, 2017

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Paulo Gustavo Amaral Monteiro de Barros, Known simply as Paulo Gustavo. Born Paulo Gustavo October 30 of 1978, is an actor and comedian Brazilian, Paulo Gustavo graduated from the case de arte das laranjeiras (CAL) in early 2005 along with abio porchat,marcus majella, among others. Son of Júlio Márcio Monteiro de Barros and Dea lucia Vieira Amaral. Brother of Ju amral Known monologue. My Mother Is a Part First that in 2013 went to the cinemas as a long-metragem, the most watched film in Brazil the year. Appointed to the "Shell Award" for Best Actor. He published the book Minha Mãe é Uma Part (with unpublished stories by Dona Hermínia), which tells of her adventures, published by the Publishing House for objetiva. He is great actor and comedian. He is actor, comedian, play writer, director, screenwriter and writer. He is multi talented kind of person.if you want to buy twitter followers from our site The comedian and actor Paulo Gustavo become known thanks to the success of my mother is a part in which he tells several episodes that he lived with his mother, find out more about his trajectory, which includes the world of theater. He is big fan of beyonce. Paulo nick name is pg.

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Paulo Gustavo gained visibility at the end of 2004.when he joined the cast of "Surto". On the occasion, He presented the humorous character Dona Hermínia. After Graduation, in January 2005. Paulo Gustavo was born on October 30, 1978 in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as Paulo Gustavo Amaral Monteiro de Barros. He is an actor and writer, known for 220 volts (2011), vai que cola (2013) and my mom is a character (2013). He left the cast of "Outbreak" and joined the play "Infraturas". In 2006, premiered the show "My Mother Is a Part", which won a film adaptation in 2013. In the monologue, with text of his own,paulo back to interpret Dona Herminia. paulo Gustavo returned to star in a title again on stage in 2010, to present the show "Hyperactive", directed by Fernando Caruso. In 2011 he became the host of the 220 volts . In June 2013, he starred in the production for TV, the sitcom "vai que cola ", in the multishow , which won a film adaptation in 2015. In 2014, the actor was in a new program, the reality Paulo Gustavo in Road, from the Multishow.

Personal life

Paulo get married 20 December 2015, he is married to the dermatologist.

Social media presence

Paulo Gustavo has become the star of Social Media, with more devoted followers on instagram, facebook and twitter! Obviously,He is a Influencer in every aspect. Paulo Gustavo has 6.9m on Instagram with 5,257 post. He also have 5 million followers on Facebook. People liked their post included audio and video and photos.