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Different Types Of Teapots You Can Always Buy

Sep 14, 2017

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Once you visit a market, you would find plenty of options with teapots. So, to sort out things, we have listed different types along with the application. Hope you become smart with your choice.


Ceramic teapots

A ceramic teapot is appropriate for all sorts of tea. You can always stay carefree when you’re pouring white or green tea. Unlike other materials like porcelain or glass, ceramic helps in retaining heat. You are sure to enjoy the warm beverage because the enamel coating doesn’t absorb the flavor.


Porcelain teapots

Ideally, porcelain teapots play their role whenever it’s filled with white or herbal tea. Since the material is strong, you would be contended with the purchase. There won’t be a problem in brewing green tea. But, you would have to wait for a few minutes if you’re planning to brew black or green tea. Remember to use a tea warmer if you desire to enhance heat retention.


Clay teapots

Known as ‘Yixing teapots’, a clay teapot helps you brew Pu'er as well as Oolong tea. But, you should think twice before buying such teapots. This is because deposits may mix and reduce tea quality. Even when you’re on a budget, never consider something inexpensive. A cheap pot surely won’t pay off since it deteriorates quickly. While you are purchasing the item, make sure that the tip and handle are at the same level as the rim.


Glass teapots


If you want to flaunt a unique style, then you should go for a glass teapot. The smooth surface is perfect for all kinds of tea and doesn’t affect the taste. Try buying something with infusion strainers. These would help you remove tea bags instantly. While you plan to buy a teapot and cup set, you should always leave glass teapots as the last option. These are not ideal for retaining heat.


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