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The Jesus ChannelThe Jesus Channel is the faith and lifestyle Christian TV network with cutting edge ministries, filmmakers, and leading messengers of the Word of God who deliver innovative ministry shows, talk and teachings that impart the treasury of Scripture and the faith that changes lives. The Jesus Channel resonates the good news of Christ and His Kingdom through a variety of informative, inspirational and entertaining shows, videos and films for spiritual and personal enrichment. Watch faith and bible centered sermons and practical as well as prophetic insights into the Word. Entertainment and lifestyle content includes praise and music, movies, cooking and wellness, nature, family, newsworthy, and charitable causes. Our advanced streaming TV technologies enable the Jesus Channel to spread the good news of Christ and His Kingdom to the new generation of TV viewers on a variety of major streaming TV outlets and connected TV devices. The Jesus Channel is free to watch anytime. (jesuschannel.org) The Jesus Channel™ is powered by TriStone TV.

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Joseph and His Bretheren

17,106 Vues

The Great Commandment

8,234 Vues

David and Goliath

8,232 Vues

The Old Testament

7,953 Vues

Samson and Gideon

5,547 Vues

Peter's Prayer of Praise

2,541 Vues

Evil and Suffering

2,283 Vues

Immanuel (Isaiah 7)

3,193 Vues

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1 - 35 de 57 vidéos