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Apostolic Reform Messages

Apostolic Reform Messages

KentSimpsonIs it possible we’ve misunderstood the purpose of the scriptures? Have we placed expectations on God that He has no intention of fulfilling? Changes are coming to the Church. What do the followers of Jesus Christ need to know to move forward into this new era?

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Father of Spirits

29 Vues

Spirit of God

32 Vues

Test the Spirits

67 Vues

It Is Finished

96 Vues

Angels and Immanuel

150 Vues

Pray Without Ceasing

184 Vues

Walking in Faith

225 Vues

His Rhema Word

227 Vues

Receiving Faith

208 Vues

In the Blink of an Eye

217 Vues

Dry Bones

220 Vues

Pagede 3
1 - 35 de 82 vidéos