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Marion|Jun 14, 2008


The great unknown wrote it but i didn't. ================================================================= Professor: You are a Christian, aren't you, son? Student : Yes, sir. Prof: So you believe in God? Student : Absolutely, sir. |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jun 13, 2008

Big Dosis Of Adrenaline / Weekly Prayer Meeting

I just looked where I always keep my passport, and it wasn't there. I had it with me at the police station, since they don't like other forms of ID in Mali, and remembered taking it out of my bag to put it where it belongs - and now it wasn't there. |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jun 12, 2008

Lawyer Coming To Help / School For Our Teenagers / Getting Ready For Trip

Today Daniel came over to help us. He's a Christian lawyer, one who's solicited by everyone because of his competence. Three of his children also study law, and with the school system deteriorating, chances are they'll never be as good as Dad, but |Plus
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Moscow World Prayer Center|Jun 12, 2008

Fire of the Bride Prayer Journey Update

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave; it's flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame" - Song of Solomon 8:6 |Plus
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Moscow World Prayer Center

Joyful|Jun 12, 2008


So, I was reading a book by Bill Johnson and this quote came to mind: "Order, cultivated by honor, creates empowerment. Order, established in fear, creates control." This struck me after a recent encounter where I saw the power of honoring. We |Plus
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onecubed|Jun 12, 2008


Barlowgirl is an all girl band made up of three sisters: Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow. For two years they traveled around the country and were the back up band for their dad. During one concert Lauren, who was the keyboard player at the time, |Plus
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The Promise of Lord I have received a message and I am Sharing the same to you all which may be useful to you Below here is a letter from God to you. It is many promises from the Bible for you. When you read the Bible read it as if it was |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jun 09, 2008

Summoned To Police Chief / More Interviews / Construction Update

We had to get up early, since it was a long drive to the police station downtown, especially during rush hour. It was the first time having the new car saved us, since we were able to go there without worrying how to get the kids to school and back, |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International

My Glorious|Jun 09, 2008

Hope 2008, Day 2 and 3

Saturday started off with a visit to the local radio station Radio Q - you can find a video of Sami singing All I ever do online. After that we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with food, naps, watching sport etc. In the evening it stared to rain - cats |Plus
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My Glorious

Fin|Jun 09, 2008

Soon more to come...

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in my blog. Well, for now I'm still finishing my obligatory service at the Austrian Army, with hardly any internet access. Starting from Juli 1st you'll find more (and more frequent) exciting news about |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jun 08, 2008

Fanta's Baby Boy Born / Different Kind Of Sunday / Legal Help

This morning Fanta informed her husband that the time had come. Seybou put her in the car, went to pick up Elisabeth, and then they went on to go to the clinic downtown. They got there in time.|Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International

Kat|Jun 08, 2008

Boycott Disney!

I just spent 5 long and grueling days on the set of the Hannah Montana Movie. I have seen the evil of Disney. They have not changed at all. They have only "cleaned up their act" on the outside to win back Christians but their intentions are |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jun 07, 2008

Street Kid Program / Police Shows Up

Picture from May 26. It was time for a "regular" street kid program again. Though our American visitors came, they only came as observers, and to do more filming. We didn't have many children, because the police had done a raid at the bus |Plus
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Healing 2 the Nations International

bennyblack|Jun 07, 2008

Something personal

People always say, that God's ways are unknown to mankind. And it's so true. You know, in my life, a lot went wrong - but from today - I can fullheartedly say that God always did what's best for me. Even when I screwed situations up he made the |Plus
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My Glorious|Jun 07, 2008

Hope 2008, Day 1

As in 2006 and 2007, we get the possibility to come to Bosnia (Zenica) and play two open-air concerts together with Nathan Smith ( This time also Deborah Rosenkranz ( and Jeff Garner, a |Plus
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My Glorious

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