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alenalbert (Il y a 395 jours) (0)

Kingdom Hearts 3 presents Monster's Inc after previously teasing us with its Toy Story world!

After Kingdom Hearts fans predicted that the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 game could be played November 1, 2017 yesterday, now they can at least smile. How come? Kingdom Hearts 3 presents Monster's Inc as one of its worlds.

Wow, Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Show Toy Story!
In addition to showing the world of Toys Story, Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer is also announced release date, you know! Let's check it out in this article!
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This information leak was first present at a popular game forum, ResetERA by someone with a nickname "Wrestleman". In the shared image footage, Monster's Inc.'s atmosphere with Mike Wazowski's little one-eyed monster helps Sora in defeating a boss-like figure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 presents Monster's Inc

In the next picture, it appears that, a friend of Mike at Monster's Inc., Sully joins Sora and Mike. But unfortunately the picture is hindered by the data writings from the Kingdom Hearts 3 game.

Although the Kingdom Hearts 3 fans will be delighted by the new world presence of Monster Inc., do not be too happy first because even Wrestleman himself wrote that he can not be sure whether the image is authentic or not.
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He just said that the picture he got came from a friend without any source. However it is recognized that this image was taken from a Square Enix server which was later removed.

However, the fact that many Disney movies will feature Kingdom Hearts 3 like Tangled, Big Hero 6, and also Toy Story, do not rule out Monster's Inc will be present featured.

Kingdom Hearts 3 presents Monster's Inc

Even the fans of Kingdom Hearts hope also other Disney movies, Frozen can also be perfected in this third Kingdom Hearts series. However, if we see, Monster's Inc. is more likely because it has a number of monsters and types of opponents are more numerous and more varied than Frozen.

Only Disney and Square Enix know this for now. As both Disney and Kingdom Hearts fans, we can only wait for the next official information.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to be released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One.