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Just great having friends who care and are loving. Thank God for the cross that has joined us together, and the team of cross.tv

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As a nation friends, we are fast approaching the season of elections which as has been for many Kenyans a time of apprehension due to hate rhetoric from politicians seeking various offices |Plus

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Hi, my name is Carrie I want to fool around for a while http://v.ht/i18ixx

CLCM a écrit un commentaire sur la galerie Christian midsummer conference in mid Finland

Great! children of God gathered together just to praise him, and enjoy his presence and each others fellowship!



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i mean my page, sorry fr mistake.


Hi dear brother, thanks fr your visit to may page, hope to hear from you soon. God bless you high

CLCM est maintenant un contact de Suvi F

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The Growth of CLCM

It is wonderful to know that God has been so gracious to us ward, as a family and also in the ministry. Many have been the challenges, from every perceived corner but the Lord has been gracious to us, carrying us through all. Indeed, if he carried the weight | Plus

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