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Last Tuesday morning we were supposed to have a monthly meeting with's Ambassadors, Regional Managers and Translators in the Multimedia Chat but just before we could start, |Plus

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Become a Ambassador and spread the word about around the globe!

Everybody can become a Ambassador for a specific language group on If you have an active and nice looking account with at least 50 contacts, you love to share uplifting content on and you are passionate to make known to your friends, family and others then you can be a Ambassador.

A Ambassador...

... keeps his/her account active and love to bless other people on through positive and uplifting media uploads, blogs, comments, etc.

... invites friends, family and others (e.g. your church, your small group, youth group, ministries, etc.)

... helps keeping a safe place by flagging and reporting inappropriate content (e.g. pictures, videos, audios, comments, forum entries, etc.)

... reads the weekly messages which will be sent to his/her own account (weekly messages shares updates, insights and important news for ambassadors)

... shares positive and interesting content

What you can do:

1. Invite ALL your real life friends by sending them friends invitations! Sign up at least 50 new active members!

2. Talk about in your church, cell group and youth group, and ask your pastor, your leadership and congregation to join and take advantage of free promotion, free & unlimited audio and video hosting and top notch social networking tools.

3. Share at least 3 times a week on other social networks and Video Platforms positive and uplifting content from on Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Twitter, Hi5, Blogger,... wherever you have an account. With's sharing tools you can distribute content on every major social network.

4. Report bad members and bad content. If you find inappropriate content on (audios, videos, photos, comments, etc.) please report by sending a feedback (click here) or by sending a message to's ambassadors account (click here).

5. Promote in your church, at events (youth meetings, concerts, conferences, etc.) and wherever you are. Every Ambassador gets a welcome package with promotion material (t-shirt, flyer, stickers, buttons, etc.) after having filled out a register form to become a Ambassador..

All this is important to bring more people to who need to find encouragement and healing for their lives. Our goal is to attract masses of unchurched internet users to draw them to the light together with our Ambassador.

You want to make a difference on the Internet? 

Very good! Then >>click here<< and suggest to become a Ambassador for a specific language group. We would love to welcome you on board of

joselyn the perseverant

Lord thank you for your grace and mercy. We ask for those that are in pain, suffering and they are going through different struggles in life. Lord give them comfort and strength, give then your peace and supply all their needs in Jesus' name we ask our Father.

adrian rodolfo


Ambassadors s'est joint(e) à la prière JESUS, THE ONE AND POWERFUL de Laurand

Ambassadors s'est joint(e) à la prière New Leadership for CROSS.TV de Andreas

Ambassadors s'est joint(e) à la prière Prayer for Today de Galina und Gerhard Herman

Ambassadors s'est joint(e) à la prière Vladimir Rashev de largo

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Please pray for!

Please pray for!

Last Tuesday morning we were supposed to have a monthly meeting with's Ambassadors, Regional Managers | Plus

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