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Love For His People Ministries|United States

Founded in 2010, we seek to support our friends in Israel and other nations, through encouragement, strength, and other means the Lord Jesus directs us in.

Love For His People Ministries

Vision and Mission

Founder: Steve Martin

I personally have been very blessed and honored to have served with two businesses and three ministries over the past 35 years. Now is the time to develop my own "vineyard" to till, grow and prosper, for His purposes. That which the Lord has instilled in my heart, from my youth up, is want I want to share with you. Thank you for considering an opportunity to also be involved.

Love For His People Ministries (in Hebrew "Ahava le Amo"), was established on Nov. 23, 2009 (on my 55th birthday) to connect people who love Israel, together to bless the people of Israel. A primary focus of this "arm in arm" unity will be to encourage, support and edify Messianic believers in The Promised Land of Eretz Israel. Included in this "love connection" purpose is to have a special outreach to Ethiopian Messianic Jews.

Seminars and conferences will be conducted to teach of our spiritual and historic debt to Israel and the Jewish people themselves. As I was so impacted years ago, after both reading Derek Prince's small booklet, "Our Debt To Israel", written by the noted Bible teacher over 30 years ago, and then by nine subsequent trips to The Promised and Holy Land, the time could never be more greater than now, for this ministry to come forth.

We will especially seek to teach youth, to share the true perspective of Israel, in opposition to the current typical worldview, and to implant a love for Israel and His people in their own hearts.

There will also be trips to the land, to take both youth, parents and seniors. These short-term travel ministry trips, to be known as "Ahava Adventures", will be to give Americans and others "hands on" opportunities and experiences; walk the land of Abraham, David and above all Jesus (Yeshua); and to meet and encourage the sabras (those born in Israel) and those who have made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) who are believers in Yeshua.

These Messianic believers, whose desire it is to live out their beliefs, have been put in a difficult place, and they need our love and strength. One major goal will be to practically "lift up their arms", as they seek to hear and obey the Lord, and share together the full truth of the Bible. I have been blessed to have met many of them.

These friends, whom I have made over the past 12 years on trips to Israel, will be able to connect with new friends from the USA.

We especially want the youth of America to connect with the youth of Israel, and to help establish eternal bonds of love and purpose, together in, and because of, His eternal plans.

Individuals and other ministries will be given the opportunity to support individuals from the USA and other nations, to "go" and accomplish the dreams and fulfill the visions the Lord has called them to do. We will raise up an army of youth to stand for the Lord's purposes in The Land, against all odds and forces of spiritual darkness.

As individuals and ministries join together to walk in unity for the Lord's purposes in Israel, we will see His mighty hand establish truth and light, even as the days grow darker. We will see His freedom and joy established in the lives of many in The Land, while at the same time giving opportunity for those from here giving of themselves, to flourish in their callings and missions.

It is time for His love, for His people, to be shared and established in many more hearts, and to bring forth "love for His people" to a higher level throughout the nations, especially for Israel.

May the good Lord, God of Israel, direct our steps, one at a time, as we hear and obey Him.

Steve Martin

12120 Woodside Falls Rd.

Pineville, NC 28134



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