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praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for their faith...

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Dear God, As a father you know how it feels when your child dies, without a fault. Your love was so indescribable you sent your pure Son into this confusing world, facing injustice and |Plus

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It is all about Jesus

What we are doing on is not just building a social media platform with a team of people who run it and a number of internet servers. We believe it has been on the Lord's heart to release his kingdom on the earth through media and the internet, since the beginning of time. It is our desire as the team to see Jesus' kingdom of love, peace, and joy grow through us on the earth and increase in its influence in every area of society.

Whenever there is an expansion of the kingdom of God on the earth, the enemy will usually try to put up some kind of opposition. That is why we are glad to have a team of intercessors who stand behind the purposes our Lord has with

You can become a part of this team by inviting CROSS TV INTERCESSORS as a contact.

We plan to share updates and prayer requests with you on a regular basis. But what we look forward to even more than that, is to hear back from you about the Bible passages, impressions, and insights you receive from the Lord as you pray and intercede with the Holy Spirit. We love to hear the Lord's voice and enjoy the clarity which comes from looking at the world from his perspecitve. Since we all see in part it can be very beneficial to put our individual parts together.


At the moment we are experiencing strong attacks on individual staff members around the world. These attacks range anywhere from physical to emotional in different areas of life: their families, kids, sudden feelings of hopelessness and dispair, finances and properties - and most of all attacked relationships. Especially in the Central European base in Vienna and Bratislava, where strongholds of depression, critizism, negativity, hopelessness, doubt, strive have destroyed countries, corrupted governments, entagled ethnicities in multiple wars, split churches, weakened missions organizations and projects time and again, over century after century - we can feel these strongholds still being active, trying to seek out the most vulnerable victims and the most sensitive projects in God's kingdom to rob and destroy., stoodio and cross:media's offices, tv-studios and teams in Europe are no exception. By no means are we the only evangelistic missions association attacked in Europe, but we are among them. Right now we are feeling it stronger than ever before.

Thank you for praying for us! Join us in praying for:

1. Our "on staff" team members (their protection of health, life, relationships, heart, spirit and provisions)

2. Our Regional Managers around the world in over 22 countries (their success in their language groups and countries, their protection and favor in every area of life)

3. Our technology: server hardware, software, software development

4. Our clients: all paying PRO Features users (our streaming, advertising, hosting, web development, translation, marketing agency clients. They make everything possible and enable us to do missions work and develop non profitable world evangelism porjects such as Pray for a numerous increase in happy, excited, satisfied clients and PRO Features Users to help fund and get blessed at the same time!

CROSS TV INTERCESSORS s'est joint(e) à la prière Pray for Peace de Beb

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CROSS TV INTERCESSORS s'est joint(e) à la prière Prayer for the Media de tonyjeans

CROSS TV INTERCESSORS s'est joint(e) à la prière Prayer for the Media de tonyjeans

CROSS TV INTERCESSORS s'est joint(e) à la prière TODAY MY PRAYER de nosheen

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Prophetic word from Julie A. Smith

Prophetic word from Julie A. Smith intercessors, we recently received some incredibly encouraging emails that we wanted to share | Plus

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