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Peace and Love Shall Fill Us Father, Though night still covers this earth, I know that above me, JESUS, Who sees His children in darkness, Will take pity on them. With Power |Plus

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Aboon Dbashmayo (Our Father who art in Heaven)

Nethcadash shmokh (hallowed be thy name).

Teethe malkoothokh, (thy Kingdom come),

Nehwe sebyonokh, (thy will be done);

Aykano Dbashmayo off bar’o. (On earth as it is in heaven.)

 Hab lan lahmo dsoonconan yawmono, (Give us this day our daily bread).

Washbook lan howbain wahtohain (and forgive us our trespasses)

Aykano doff hnan shbakn il hayobain (as we forgive those who trespass against us)

Lo thaalan il nessyoono (and lead us not into temptation)

Elo fasson men beesho (but deliver us from evil)

Metool ddeelokhee malkootho, (for thine is the kingdom)

Ou haylo ou Teshbohto, (and the power, and the glory)

Loalam olmen Amin. (For ever and ever. Amen.)

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