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"Word of Life" church of Evangelical Faith Christians of Armenia

"Word of Life" church of Evangelical Faith Christians of Armenia was founded in 1990. In 1993 it was registered in the State Council of Religious Affairs under the RA Government according to the law on "Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations" adopted in 1991 by the RA Supreme Council, and then was reregistered in the State Register of the RA Legal Entities.

Rev Dr. Artur Simonyan, the senior pastor of the church,  was actively involved in the foundation of the church from the very beginning. He founded and ran different ministries (departments). Pastor Artur Simonyan is also the Co-President of the Collaboration of Full Gospel Churches in Armenia. He is a doctor in theology, as well as an Honorable doctor. Married, has two daughters.


During 20 years of activity "Word of Life" church of Armenia established around 40 local churches in Armenia and abroad. Big church services are held on each Saturday and Sunday. The church carries out evangelical activities in the Caucausis, Russia, the USA, a number of countries in Europe and Middle East. Close denominational relathionships have been established with the evangelical churches of Armenia, the CIS, Europe, the Middle East.

More than 35 ministries (departments) are operating in the church. Works are being done in the spheres of pastoral, social, TV, educational, publishing ministries, ministries for prisoners and the disabled, etc.

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