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Back in Vienna

Apr 25, 2008

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After landing in Vienna this morning, I met with our staff at the office. A few cups of coffee and of we go. The day was filled with catching up on admin stuff, but most of the day was dedicated to strategic design meetings with Stefan and Lukas. And it is my pleasure to announce the 2 day count down for the launch of the new design. Only two more days! We are super excited - it will be sweet!

New functions and a new layout. It looks so cool... And since you are our most precious members and daily blog readers, I wanted to give you a little sneak preview right here on our work day and the recent hours.

Have a wonderful day, inspired by God's awesome, creative ideas. Enjoy the grand divine design in your life, your relationships, in nature and in your creative dreams. His spirit breathes through us. It is a source of life and life brings forth new things, things that haven't been seen before, things that haven't been done before, things that could not be imagined before. God wants to show us new things and work them through us! Go after all the amazing ideas God has put inside of you!

Andreas & Stefan

Stefan, Lukas and I all worn out... You might think, but you know what? Anything we love to do energizes us, doesn't it? It surely does for us - cause we love!

Celebrating another completed design concept session at our favorite italian restaurant "Venezia" next to our Vienna office (affordable and the owner is awesome!). Thank God for italian food and Venezia. The only thing we wanna see changed here is that they will start to accept credit cards... (ts... Europe! Expensive Euros and no credit cards... Goodness! Help us pray for a strong Dollar! Thanx! ;-)