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Healing to the Nations - pbm|United Kingdom

Moving forward looking for opportunities to grow the Kingdom through faith - total well-being for mankind one step at a time

Ma prière

Lord we pray for your wisdom for the future, how we plan think and act, as we proceed we look to You for guidance and wisdom. We pray and ask those who read this to pray for the work that |Plus

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Jan 22, 2014


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Jan 19, 2014

Your Light

You are the light......when you enter a place the light shines,,,there is no situation where that is not true it might be difficult, dangerous or unpleasant but it is allways the same you are the light you have the Holy Spirit within you and you represent |Plus
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Jan 15, 2014

Time to think

HE answered, '..... What is that to you? You follow ME.' As we enter now full tilt into 2014 with resolutions all ready smashed, hope abandoned, where are you right now……………….   The Lord said Trust Me,, |Plus
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Jan 13, 2014

Follow Me

      John 21:22HE answered, '..... What is that to you? You follow ME.'- We often get over-concerned about everything and everyone else.- Don't compare yourself to others.- Do what you need to do and follow God with all your heart.- HE |Plus
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Jan 09, 2014

Ears wide open

        Isaiah 55:3'Come to Me with your ears wide open. Listen, that your soul may live!'- When God speaks it brings a dimension of life to our souls.- God meant for us to experience and enjoy it in our daily lives.- As we listen |Plus
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Jan 08, 2014

A New Day

This is a new day.  I come to bring hope to you.  I am giving you gifts of glory and gifts that will reveal the presence of My power and the ongoing purpose that I will work within you.  That work that I have begun in you I shall bring to |Plus
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Jan 05, 2014


Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong, for like the grass they will soon wither for like green plants they will soon wilt away.   Trust in the Lord and do good dwell in the land and enjoy safe pleasure   Delight |Plus
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Jan 04, 2014

The Way

Do not let your hearts be trobled, Trust in God and Trust also in Me say's Jesus.  I am the way the truth and the light no one comes to The Father except through Me.... Trust in Jesus pour your cares on Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you ino |Plus
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Jan 02, 2014

day by day

I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.
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Jan 02, 2014

Awake and hear the call

I heard in the Spirit the sound of a trumpet blowing.  And, the Lord said,  "A call is going forth to awaken those who have been asleep spiritually.  Only those who have an ear to hear will heed the call, and not everyone will understand the |Plus
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