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You have been, and You will be, you have seen,and You will see,You know me when i rise, and when i fall, when i come or go, You see it all,YOu hund the stars, and YOu move the sea, and still you know me, and nothing is hidden from your sight, wherever i go, you find me,and YOu know every detail of my life,and YOu are God and YOu dont miss a thing.

YOu memorize me

Verdad y Vida Ministries

Sending blessings from Miami! God bless you.

Mile Coind s'est joint(e) à la prière Prayer de _Ezekiel

Mile Coind est maintenant un contact de parkiet

Mile Coind a mis à jour une page personnelle

Mile Coind est maintenant un contact de Boris Ivanov

Christ Missionary Church Canada

Hi: Happy New Year!!! For 2012 Please pray for each other in these day!!!! TKS: Pastor David Skakun www.cmccaable.com

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