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I See You Ministry|United States

You ever feel invisible? Even in a crowd? The Lord God says: I See You... in all your various circumstances.

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Dear Father God, I lift up the missionaries located around the world, to You, Father. I pray that You would surround them with favor as with a shield so that they will have favor with |Plus

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7 acres of Land Oct 07, 2013 2 Commentaires

A Brahmin( Hindu Priest) is selling his 7 acres of land in the tribal dominated area of the district of kalahandi. I guess this will be best if any Christian organisation purchase It, as it can catter to the needs of the tribal folk and most backward people, the tribals can get a chance to know more about Christ s love and message, if any Christian mission is established here. But if it is purchased by any Hindu people they may construct the temples, and then we may lose the chance of entering this village and also of sharing the gospel to these people groups. we have been praying and you can pray together that if God bless us more financially we will be able to purchase it within the end of this year. We proclaim the authority of Lord Jesus over the power of darkness in this tribal belt, amen.

my marriage to happen soon Sep 05, 2013 3 Commentaires

my friends got married, now they have childrens and i think it is the time for me to get married without any delay, but till now i have not found my life partner to whom God has chosen for me, and i can see that my marriage seems very far away, can you please pray that the Lord Jesus may find a way for me, let it happen that i meet my life partner and God make the things right together so that i may get married as soon as possible, In Jesus name. amen thank you melchis

9 SOULS AND FOR BRO. SONU Sep 02, 2013

Praise God that 9 souls, repented their heart and took water baptism, on sunday, you can pray that they will grow in Christ. Bro. sonu s health is deteriorating as the level of blood platelets is continously decreasing, as he is tested positive for dengue, his family members are searching for goats milk to give him a drink, i know that they donot have any money ,as they were already in financial pressure, you can pray that God give sonu a good health now, and bless him to know him and praise Him, This seems to be a very very serious matter you can close your eyes and pray for a minute for this Bro. Sonu.

The Antichrist Bro. Sonu Aug 26, 2013 12 Commentaires

Bro. Sonu. Knows Christ for about 8 yrs, he was in the ministry and had brought some souls to Christ, but presently He is opposing Jesus Christ, and is misusing the Bible, and has gathered informations which are baseless but he is having strong confidence on that, He regularly is attending our Church Just sits at the back of the Church and keeps on finding mistakes, what the preacher says and what is written in the Bible, you know He is also influencing the new believers attending the Church, personally as he know s the staff members He keeps on speaking against them saying they did this they did that. I came to know that He had various problems in the family and had gone through a very difficult situation, both individually and also in the family, His whole family members were active in the church but now neither his sisters, mother or brothers are attending the Church or have faith in Christ, Bro. sonu called me and was showing the evidence, against Jesus, and Bible and I came to know that, He is now having the spirit of antichrist, and he is not understanding anything, but had taken it a challenge to stop the church or, is threatening our church members a, and provoking us to get angry with him, or do some mistake, I realize that it is a very sensitive matter, and in a country like India, he can cause the believers problem, and except the Lord, change him, I know our words will not be effective for him,i am now sure and I can clearly see that He is the anti Christ, which was written in the Bible, there are many things I am unable to share here, but I request you all to pray for Bro. sonu specially that the spirit of antichrist leave Him, thank you

Water Baptism Aug 22, 2013 4 Commentaires

on 31st August, 2013 there will be a water baptism program, you can pray that God will prepare the heart of brothers and sisters, who are getting ready to witness the Lord, and be baptised, God give protection and bless this occasion and be glorified on this day. Pray that these brothers and sisters will be able a testimony in their own hindu community. thank you

for flood victims Aug 21, 2013

greetings in the name of Christ, Hundreds of villages in Pakistan have been flooded after torrential rain across the country. The worst-affected area is Punjab province, where homes have been evacuated and roads washed away. We have to face heavy destruction due to the worst flood in various areas. 80 lives and displaced more than 80,000 people in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh provinces, according to reports from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Over 135,000 acres of crops have been inundated and ruined, and more than 4,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. People have lost everything they had the crops are totally destroyed and animals got dead. People are in great need for the necessities of life. If you are willing to contribute, or know somebody who can help, please contact the following: The essential need we feel is the rehabilitation for the flood affective people. If you want to send cash contact us on friendship.evangelism@yahoo.com besides sending cash you can support by providing following commodities.  Clothing: Clothes of various sizes, Beddings, Shoes  Utensils: Hurricanes (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids), Crockery, Buckets  Soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), Towels  Food: Rice, Sugar, Flour (Atta), Cooking oil, Tea, Milk Safe drinking water. Looking forward for your response

Missionaries Aug 05, 2013

Dear Father God, I lift up the missionaries located around the world, to You, Father. I pray that You would surround them with favor as with a shield so that they will have favor with all of the people with whom they come in contact. Father, I ask that you would stir up the hearts of the people that the missionaries will be talking to so that the seeds that are planted will find good ground. May those seeds be watered by Your Holy Spirit. Lord, please provide for the missionaries all that they will need spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally. May they never feel alone. May they always know that You are with them. Lord, I thank You for those who have heard the call and have left jobs, homes, and families to do Your bidding. Protect them Lord. Thank You Father that You hear my prayers. In Jesus name I pray. ~Amen~