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2016 NFL Thanksgiving Day. http://cowboysvsredskinslive.net http://vikingsvslions.net http://steelersvscoltslive.us http://cowboysvsredskinslivestream.co http://watchcowboysvsredskinslive.com

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The NFL action gets started early in Week twelve due to 3 high-quality games on Thanksgiving.

We have gotten accustomed unnoticed weekday night battles, however with the Dallas Cowboys and Motor City Lions in initial place, the vacation hosts can ensure things keep fascinating in divisional battles. Meanwhile, the remainder of the weekend slate options many shut battles that might be set by one massive play.

With all thirty two groups in action, it'll be a busy week you do not need to miss.

Vikings vs Lions

The Gopher State Vikings were arguably the simplest groups within the NFL for the primary month before turning into one in every of the worst for succeeding month.

The 5-0 begin was quickly followed by four losses in a very row wherever the team looked lost on each side of the ball. However, the squad was able to improve in Week eleven, thanks partly to non-offensive touchdowns.

Prediction: Vikings 16, Lions 14

Steelers vs Colts

The Indianapolis Colts have turned to desperation mode early this season. when obtaining off to a 3-5 begin, they need bounced back with 2 wins in a very row—the 1st time they've won succeeding games.

While Sunday's persuade the Tennessee Titans wasn't invariably pretty—a 21-0 lead minified to the last possession—it was a crucial one for a squad with postseason aspirations.

Prediction: Colts 31, Steelers 28


Cowboys vs Redskins

A classic national holiday game can feature a storied contention. 2 of the NFC East's competition hopefuls can take one another on. metropolis gets to host the Redskins at AT&amp;T sports stadium. As of this report, the Cowboys closely-held the most effective record within the league at 8-1. Cowboys vs Redskins Live Stream

However, metropolis was set to require on city for his or her Week eleven game, whereas the Washington Redskins had to require on a troublesome Green Bay Packers team reception for Sunday Night soccer. however can the groups fare in these games?

Either way, they're going to still be meeting on national holiday and it is usually a fun battle between these foes. The Washington Redskins vs metropolis Cowboys live game time is 4:30 p.m. civil time via FOX Sports for TV viewing or FOX Sports opt for live streaming feeds. Watch Cowboys vs Redskins Live

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