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Messiah's House Inc|Nigeria

Restoration of Destinies and Proclaiming the Wisdom of Faith

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BIBLE TEXTS: Esther 2:15-; Isaiah 55:5; 49:25-26 PRAYER POINTS: 1.   I Pray God that every good desire of your heart be establish unto you in the name of Jesus. 2.   I pray that |Plus

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In a generation where there is a famine, and so much wrong ‘division’ of the holy Writ, there is a desperate need for the teaching of the pure, undiluted, and engrafted Word of God.

Messiah’s House Inc.  is committed to doing just this. With a mandate to go perfect the saints, and to edify the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12), we pledge to bring you the Word, the whole Word, and nothing but the Word!


1.  Establish the House of God (Isaiah 2:2-3) through the planting and development of model New Testament churches; churches that will be witnesses of God's character and power to humanity. Since the Church is made up of people, Messiah’s House vision is to equip its people (membership) to be eloquent witnesses of God's manifold wisdom, power and grace, through their testimony, lives and conduct.

2.  Central to the church planting vision stated above (#1) is a divine call to the nations, "all the nations" (Matthew 28:19, 24:14). In obedience to this call, TOG will engage in cross-cultural missions, and develop multi-racial, ethnic and national churches, consistent with the vision of the New Jerusalem, as revealed to John (Rev. 5:10)

3.  To create communities of faith comprising believers, who are biblically informed and empowered to provide vision, direction and leadership to our generation, thereby affecting our world with the principles of the kingdom of God.

4.  Rebuilding and strengthening of the family unit: The strength of our communities, society and ultimately nation, is dependent on the stability of the traditional nuclear family, which in recent years has been under intense demonic attack and is fast becoming a relic of the past. Messiah’s House Inc. will work towards the rebuilding of the family, by developing ministries focused in their orientation on, Couples, Men, Women, Singles and Youth.

5.  To create a multi-faceted ministry that will minister holistically to the numerous and varied spiritual, physical, psychological and economic/financial needs of our society, utilizing both spiritual gifts and insights (discernment), as well as professionally qualified Christian staff. To this end, we intend to set up a 'Foundation' under the auspices of our Compassion and Recovery Ministries: Oasis of Love that will address the following, among others:

a.  Create an Entrepreneurial Development Board:

Create an environment conducive to the cultivation and development of an entrepreneurial spirit in the House of God in general, and in TOG churches in particular.

Encourage business ownership among Christians in general and our members in particular.

Conduct seminars to these ends.

Set up structures that will offer vocational training; acquisition and development of Job skills.

Job search issues: completing applications, creating resumes, preparing for interviews, and dressing for success. etc.

b.  Diversions programs for kids:

After school programs – extra-curricular activities

Computer learning/tutorials - bridge the digital divide/gap between rich and poor in a digital/information age.

Minister to troubled teens; runaway kids, pregnant teens, shelters etc.

Partner, or work in conjunction with community institutions e.g. police department, probation officers,  and other institutions to undertake diversion programs.

c.  Recovery/Addict Programs:

Rehabilitation centers for substance abuse/chemical dependency.

Dealing with compulsive behaviors – alcoholism.

Ministering to victims of abuse - Sexual - rape/molestation victims, Physical - victims of domestic violence; shelters for battered women etc.

d.  Others:                                         

Day-care centers

Food/clothing distribution to the urban poor and under-privileged.

Crisis intervention and counseling

Cultural awareness and sensitivity programs/seminars: making racial/ethnic diversity a strength, not a weakness.

6.  To establish Christian educational facilities/schools; create a healthy Christian environment in these schools so kids can develop godly and moral convictions, as well as achieve high levels of academic excellence.

7.  Establish a School of Ministry and a Missionary Training Center that will equip missionaries and ministers preparing to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

8.  International: Be a resource center providing hope for living and impacting destinies through the provision of food, clothing, medical supplies and educational resources to the less fortunate.

Messiah's House Inc

MESSIAH’S HOUSE INC. is a Word-based, and Full-Gospel, Charismatic and socially-conscious Christian/organization, which upholds the philosophy of Human Dignity and Excellence. MESSIAH’S HOUSE is committed to Raising Leadership, Imparting and shaping Vision, and Influencing Society, through Chri

Messiah's House Inc Restoration of Destinies and Proclaiming the Wisdom of Faith

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