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When you consider what it costs to provide full-time care to a family member with Alzheimer's

Pubs de la communauté


  Are you interested by Investment, heath care, medical services, activities, Sport, social community, healthy food, recreation, leaving assistance, financial assistance, and protected value?

A freehold spacious apartment with garden and assisted living services in Residence Complex located in a market that shows significant economic growth, new business opportunities, offers good schooling options, and lifestyle opportunities at affordable cost.

 The chance for future generations to enjoy the benefits of Retirement residency is a fundamental part of the picture of our concept. Retirement properties come with perpetual ownership terms (such as freehold) that can be passed down across generations. Yes you do not spend and lost money when you take care of old day, or parents, you can also invest for the future of the entire family.

No doubt about the fact that housing is one of the basic necessities of life.  The search for suitable retirement housing has become a little more complicated these days considering the many varieties it comes with lately, not just bedrooms. Interestingly, this ostensibly growing complication in locating and buying of retirement houses in Pattaya has also brought a significant growth in our value and relevance in today's senior community. Pattaya Retirement House offer comfortable, reliable and affordable services to our clients with an inclusion of those looking to buy  or rent in Pattaya and those who desire to have Home care service 7/7 available with a service club and amenity who make you feeling at home and in vacation. We have one objective in mind which is helping you realize your set dream either of having that comfortable house and  services you need for your whole retirement live or some time by year.  


Do You Want To Buy or Rent ?

For those looking for houses to buy, our services include going through a bunch of activity, service, Nursing, home care and services We don’t just put up Thailand Assisted living,  we play role to ensure our customers and family enjoy live in safe and beautiful environment providing all their need at affordable cost.  It is unarguable that the pressure of getting a Retirement house sometimes beclouds the choices of buyer so we offer to help make those most difficult decisions that may arise in the course of delivering our services in our assisted living residence.. Not forgetting to mention that for every house we sell or rent to our customers, come with certain level of warranty to them to boast confidence and trust.

Enjoy beautifully appointed living spaces, delicious meals, engaging social activities, animation, and   personalized assistance and care. We focus on wellness by providing a tailored plan of assistance and wellbeing

   Residence Club spanning on 24,000Sqm of manicured tropical garden

Spacious apartments, high-quality equipment and services are all delivered at a very affordable price. These charming neo-colonial "Indochina" residences are made up of four types of wide apartments with numerous of services and activities for residents.

Large pool and terraces, sports fields, fitness suite, amphitheater, grounds with rotundas, gardens, well-being area with Jacuzzi, Hamman and massages, restaurants, gardening, shops, medical center, Rehabilitation pool, medical wellness, tea room, library, infirmary, beauty salon, hair dress, excursion, travel agency, sport, game, animation and community social office.

Everything has been designed for the highest levels of comfort, well-being and pleasure. You will also be provided with medical assistance and the highest levels of security for elderly need and in our specialized unit and nursing dedicated to Alzheimer disease. The Alzheimer home has been designed specifically. Apartment and outside area ensure high level of security for our Alzheimer patient.

Discover our complexes Residence Club spanning on 26,000Sqm of manicured tropical garden
Just by the Siam golf course, a five minute ride from the beach, one &half  hours from Bangkok Airport, 20 minutes from international Hospital   When you choose to retire in Thailand, you don’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle that you enjoyed in your home country. Instead, you often upgrade your lifestyle with one of the world’s most attractive costs of living in few hours’ flight from your home town. For those retire in Thailand, having access to proper healthcare is also of paramount importance... Thailand offers many leading, international hospitals at a much lower cost than what you would expect at home.

Beauty of the landscapes and diversity of the plants and wildlife are part of the life quality you enjoy in a pleasant climate. The famous Thai  hospitality , their flavorful cuisine, the quality of  infrastructures such  as Shopping mall, sightseeing, market, incredible number of activities,  and reputed international  hospitals prevalent security, make this country a sun-soaked paradise on the edge of the sea



When you consider what it costs to provide full-time care to a family member with Alzheimer's or other dementia, it's easy to see why some families are considering options such as assisted living care centers on the opposite side of the globe.

ALZHEIMER PATTAYA When you consider what it costs to provide full-time care to a family member with Alzheimer's

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