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Emily Abeyta

Minwaamimad|United States

My Husband is Christ as I my soul has found Him as proclaimed in Songs of Solomon.

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May your hand LORD always guide us in this world that is strange to us. Your much mercy and grace be with all your children. Help us come to repentance and reconciliation with you My LORD. |Plus

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When were you chosen?

Do you remember and when will you remember. It took me more then 40 years to understand this spiritual event. When God caught me up and took me too a higher place in which He dwells. The truth unveiled and the veil rant from top to bottom. I have placed Him on the throne on which He sits, who speaks to me from within the temple of myself.

Before I was even born I was chosen by His hand, created and formed to His image and dearly loved. The walk I took thoughout my lifes journey may not have been the right one but He said He would never leave me or forsake me, but guided me by His hand and covered me by His much grace and mercy. I never knowing this until much later in the gift of prolonged life. As I became more selfish in demanding more of what the world offered then what He could give me, almost brought me to my death. But He stepped in and spoke with the Authority of a King, He said to me, "that is enough!"  Here I am LORD.  And my love for Him began more then I would understand in the Natuaral. My soul remembered and began the chapters of songs of solomon. Unto this day I have been shown and told by the Spirit of God that He is my husband.  I am in AWE.  Many more will be coming though in knowing who they really are.  The true identity of yourself.

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Still its a decision to wear. God did not give us the spirit of fear.

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