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Svetlana Kim


Человек- это то, во что он верит. Чехов А.П.

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Praying for Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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for Ukraine Apr 29, 2014

Praying for Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prayer for guidance Mar 11, 2014

O Lord! I really need your guidance I have a burden though it is your blessing O Lord! help me to do my responsibility in our forth coming Missionary Retreat I'm uneducated person and also not a theologian O Lord! you know I have to prepare paper on the topic 'Responsibility of Missionaries' I know with your Holy Spirit nothing is impossible Strengthen me to fulfill my responsibility O Lord! help me to fulfill my tour programme to Odisha in Central India To preach, to teach among the Kui people O Lord! be with me so that your name may be glorify In Jesus name AMEN